New equipment for the channel!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for checking out my campaign! This is a new feature I am trying out for Sleep Frequency so I thought I'd see whether you could help me save up for new equipment.

I would really like background equipment for my videos. I have been trying to save up for green screen equipment so that my videos seem more professional, and it gives me more bredth for my role plays. I would need the pop up green screen and some lights. I might also get some background drops for when I don't need the green screen.

Please follow me on socials for all updates on new equipment. Please know that all donations via campaigns, PayPal, and Patreon, all go towards improving the channel.

Thanks so much for considering donating to my channel,

Olivia (PerceptionASMR)
  • Cayla Anne


    Thanks so much for sharing your time and audio contributions!

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