Building my career as a voice artist

I am just beginning my career as a voice artist, ASMR-tist, and writer and I would like to be able to continue to maintain my current equipment, purchase additional equipment, such as software, microphones, and recording tools, as well as maintain my ability to pay bills and provide for the needs of those around me, such as with transportation, education, and networking within the ASMR community. My hope is that by reaching my campaign goal I will be in a position that I might be able to rent a studio to work in away from home that will allow me to grow with and beyond YouTube.

I want to be able to eventually move into working in video games and television as a voice artist, as well as continue to grow my channel.

Your support helps me with my equipment, paying bills, as well as provide me the means to grow through classes, seminars and networking opportunties.
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Created Aug 28, 2019 Michigan

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